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Community Involvement

community-involvementRichmond Hospital

The family of Paul and Ruby Arora, owners of Gagan Foods, generously donated $35,000 to help fund a brand new cardiac and CO2 monitor to the emergency room.

The monitor tracks a patient’s heart rhythm, blood pressure, levels of carbon dioxide and other vital signs to provide medical professionals with a faster, more accurate and more comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition.
The Arora’s leadership and touching personal testimonial served as powerful inspiration to raise further donations from the audience to purchase a $63,000 critical care ventilator, which will help patients breathe when they are unable to do so.

Doctors and nurses from the emergency department volunteered their time at the event to be on course to personally meet donors and sponsors to explain the benefits the medical technology will provide.
“This urgently needed equipment will greatly improve efficiency in our emergency department and improve our ability to provide safe and timely care to our patients,” said Dr. Richard Chan, head of the emergency department at Richmond Hospital.

In addition to above Gagan Foods participates in several cultural celebrations and festivals.

BC Children Hospital

Gagan Foods International Ltd is a major contributor to the BC Children’s Hospital.

The owners have shared close ties with the BC Children’s Hospital since they moved to Vancouver in 1991. On 19th March 2015 the couple pledged to donate $50,000 to BCCHF along with their family. They believe that one should always feel the responsibility to invest in the well-being of the children who are the future of our society.

“As a recognizable member in the South Asian community of Vancouver, we felt compelled to donate to this cause because we knew firsthand of the life changing services that the BCCHF provides to thousands of families each year. Along with the obvious funds needed by the hospital to carry out these services, we felt our efforts also brought the necessary awareness to other members of our community and urged them to follow suit and support this worthy cause.”- Paul Arora.

Community Engagement